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The Heart And Stroke Foundation Is Wasting Our Money

A broken heart

With respect, perhaps deserved, let me inform whomever wishes to read my presentation and especially The Heart and Stroke Foundation, that the basics of their accepted food research and the core of their preconceived beliefs about food health have been proven to be erroneous!!!!

A recent Heart and Stroke Foundation mailout for donations included a section titled: “Heart-healthy meals: simple, easy, delicious”

The recipes were “ higher in fibre”, “lower in saturated fat”, “cholesterol” and “salt”.

Let me address these statements:

There is NO peer reviewed scientific evidence that fibre in the diet is important nor is there a recommended scientifically determined healthy level of dietary fibre. None.

There is NO peer reviewed scientific evidence showing that there is a causative effect on any health concern caused by saturated fat ingestion. None.

NB: Cholesterol levels should not be considered to be beneficial if “lower” as is implied.  What if it were HDL cholesterol? Considered to be good cholesterol. AND more importantly actual peer reviewed studies have shown a REVERSE correlation in cardiovascular disease and (LDL) cholesterol levels. Subjects were LESS likely to have incidents and die of cardiovascular incidents when their LDL levels were higher than considered healthy. . .go figure. Subjects with low total cholesterol levels and those on statins were more likely to die.

Cholesterol is vital to human life!

CHOLESTEROL WILL SOON BE REMOVED FROM CARDIAC RISK FACTORS. . .but many physicians will fight tooth and nail ‘though they will continue to be ignorant.

The Foundation recommended against “added sugars”. Good. I would recommend against all sugars.

Well, SALT. . .sodium chloride which is actually also vital to human life. Please show me a peer reviewed study demonizing salt! “It will raise your blood pressure” NONSENSE.

I love Canadian Medical Research and support it when I believe in it.

I am sorely disappointed in the Heart and Stroke Foundation and its “Research”.


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