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About Following the COVID Rules


As I write, the world is experiencing a sharp increase in the cases of Covid-19.

600,000 reported daily cases (there are many more) and 10,000 reported daily deaths (there are many more).

Canada and its provinces are also seeing a spike in cases with the city of Toronto and GTA seemingly most vulnerable.  Individual provincial governments design the protocols that control the pandemic infections in their own jurisdictions. There is no federally enforced protocol.

In our city of Ottawa, Ontario directives differ from the Quebec directives across the river. These variable protocols are confusing for the public and businesses in both provinces. The provincial government messages regularly change adding to the confusion.

The provinces of Canada and the Federal Government should unite with a common message and protocol for all Canadian Citizens.

To make matters worse the message from Dr. Theresa Tam, the Chief Public Health Officer of Canada, has varied over the last eight months as well.  (In fairness the Novel Coronavirus has been unpredictable)

What has not changed and what are still not being practiced adequately are these safety rules:

  1. Wash your hands often (soap and water are better than antiseptic gels)
  2. Socially Distance 2 metres from those who are not in your bubble (*new is: wear a mask when social distancing is not possible) A mask is not a chin strap. It is meant to cover mouth AND nose.
  3. Don’t touch your face unless you are sure of your hand cleanliness. (poorly practised)

What I do not recommend or practise is the “stay at home” directive. There is a message of FEAR in that suggestion which I find regrettable. People need exercise and fresh air. Walk your dog, hike in the woods, view a sunrise or sunset, get OUT of the house daily.

But Follow The Rules! FTR

Loneliness and isolation can have a serious impact on our mental health. If you know people, the elderly, someone with drug addiction, a person with mental health issues or someone alone please reach out.

There is no proof that lock downs and shut-downs work. What does work is to limit the number of people in groups, the tracing of outbreaks and fast testing. And FTR.

We should be demanding of our federal government a national fast testing strategy.

Depression boredom and hopelessness can be off set by finding outlets that are fun or challenging or that provide a future reward.

We in Canada are so fortunate to live in what is a great social democracy.

Our leaders are desperate for us to control our behaviour and to survive this pandemic virus and to restart our economy.

Not all of the opinions expressed herein are original but I hope that, for the reader, they were worth repeating.

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