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CBCT 3D Scans

CBCT 3D scans are a high-quality diagnostic tool, with which we can deliver better
assessments for patients as well as on behalf of interested dentists and dental offices.

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CBCT 3D Scans

CBCT 3D scans are a very effective tool for diagnosis. These are 3-D scans which enable us to get a better idea of the lay of the land, so to speak, showing us issues and potential challenges.

When we run a CBCT scan, we’re not only looking at what the patient or dentist has reported; we respond to the entirety of the field on the scan and give our assessment. We also use CBCT to plan implants, superimposing where the implant(s) will go within your jaw.

There are only a handful of dental practices in Ottawa using a CBCT 3D scan. It’s a service that I offer to my patients; as well as enabling other dentists in and around the National Capital Region to take advantage of our facility and offer these better quality scans to their patients.

Need a CBCT 3D Scan?

We are one of a few locations in Ottawa that offer CBCT 3D scans.

Dr. Derek Turner is available for referring dentists to my office just for CBCT’s and a report. If a dentist is doing implant surgery but has no CBCT I can do the CBCT, write a report and even plan the implant for the dentist.

I’m proud of the word-of-mouth I’ve earned!

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