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I offer Dental Implants for two main purposes: Denture Retention & Tooth

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I offer dental implants to patients with two main objectives in mind:

  • Denture Retention
  • Tooth Replacement

Implants are an effective way of denture retention. An implant overdenture can be a significant advantage over new dentures, offering a comfortable remedy. When added to dentures, implants can help one feel more comfortable, chew better, speak more clearly, and gain confidence in one’s smile.

Dental implant placement is an effective way to replace tooth loss whether for function or cosmetics. Unlike conventional dental bridgework, implants do NOT involve your other teeth and so are conservative treatments. The placement procedure is painless during treatment and the healing process is surprisingly comfortable. I have 20 years of experience with more than a 98% success rate in implant therapy.

I’m proud of the word-of-mouth I’ve earned!

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